Business & Executive Coaching

Have a goal in mind that you want to achieve but not getting there?
Want to have a breakthrough to fully maximize your potential?
You want to have a change but not sure what to do next?

NLP Coaching has been proven to be very valuable in helping people to achieve their desired outcomes, whether it is to start a new project, or to keep you on track to achieve your goal, you might even be surprise how it can help you to achieve bigger goal faster, be a great achiever.

Why do you need a coach? What are the benefits?

  • Safe environment for you to discuss business problems and challenges
  • Accurate and unbiased assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Professional and trustworthy, no conflicts in interest
  • Confidential coaching relationship
  • etc.

What you can expect to get from our coaching session:

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Motivating Individual and Group Performance
  • Maximizing Talent and Potential
  • Developing Effective Skills
  • Enhancing Quality of Work and Life
  • etc.

Our coaching program consists of:

  • Monthly Coaching Session – Help you to clear the obstacles and move toward your goals
  • Monthly Phone Call – 2 weeks after each meeting
  • Emails – Follow Up & Support
  • (Optional) Personalized Action Plan

We offer 3 months and 6 months coaching program depending on your desired outcomes, and more coaching sessions can be arranged if necessary…

Contact us now to discuss your situation, group coaching and 1 on 1 coaching can be arranged to bring out the best from you and your team.