Ryan Tee

Certified Trainer of NLP & Approved New Code NLP Trainer (ITANLP)

Ryan Tee is a Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trained by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (co-developer of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (ITA Master Trainer of NLP). He has also been trained in New Code NLP, the latest developments in NLP. And as an Approved New Code NLP Trainer, he has gained the latest insights in New Code NLP and has been through an explicit process with John and Carmen to achieve this status.

Ryan started involving in the area of personal development and therapeutic change (including hypnotherapy) since 2005. While having strong interest in NLP and hypnosis, his interests also include a variety of different coaching skills, personal development skills, persuasion and influence skills, and many other relevant skills… Over the years he has been trained and mentored by some of the very best trainers in this field, and has been trained in different countries, from Malaysia, to China, Australia, and most recently United Kingdom, and he is always looking forward to taking his skills and knowledge to a higher level.

Ryan has personally benefited from learning and applying NLP and hypnosis in everyday life, he also witnessed many others that have done the same, which inspired him to decide to go deeply into this amazing field. By passionately putting what he learned into practice, this has allowed Ryan to continuously sharpen his skills and knowledge, making them practically effective in the real world, which he enjoys every moment of doing it. And he has also helped many people to improve their life, become happier, and achieve personal and business outcomes.

Ryan is a member of the ITANLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP), an organization set up by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll to maintain and improve the quality of NLP on offer to the public.

Ryan (standing in the middle) in delivering a training.

Ryan (right) at New Code NLP Trainers Training,
being coached by John Grinder (middle)
on how to work with difficult demo.